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Casa Amarillo gathers makers and creatives from around the world, uniting and promoting creative production and cultural diversity, showcasing the incredible variety of ways in which people across the globe interpret and engage with the world around us, cross-pollinating with new ideas while preserving core values and traditions.



Force Majeure is a New York based, award-winning creative agency with 25 years of experience in Strategy, Design and Communication in the spirits & wines beauty and luxury industries.



Nouvel is a pioneer in the design and production of blown glass with over 25 years of experience. 

Working across a wide variety of genres and industries Nouvel collaborates with international brands on the development of glass projects from design and engineering to production of the highest standard. 

As the innovation arm of Pavisa Group, Nouvel has unrivalled facilities and expertise allowing it to realize even the most complex and challenging endeavours. 

In 2019 Nouvel launched VISSIO, which represents Nouvel’s venture into the world of limited edition design art – conceived and created in collaboration with the world’s leading artists, designers and architects.



Andrea Cesarman, Emilio Cabrero and Marco Coello started thirty years ago as three school friends who shared a taste for architecture, design, art, the city and the world but above all with a deep love for Mexico.

A long history of work and experience designing and building spaces of various scales ranging from residential, vertical housing, interior architecture, design, restoration, public and cultural spaces make C Cúbica one of the most multidisciplinary and versatile offices in Mexico.



ENTITY. arte.objeto is an art and design project based in CDMX, founded by Carmen Castillo in 2018. Their creations are an attempt to bring the nature of the stone to the realization of functional and at the same time aesthetic pieces.

The essence of each of the collections is the experimentation of ideas and thoughts that evolve to finally manifest as pieces of functional art.

This project is the learning or attempt to give fruit to the imagination based on experiences that seek synchrony of delicacy and elegance in the process of deformation of the natural state of the stone.



Diego Vides Borrell is one of the few young designers who brings a new design sensibility to the Mexican glass movement. Diego combines functionality and high design with an interest in sustainability as a foundational principle in design and process.Diego has been producing his hand-blown pieces in different studios in Mexico, Australia, Germany and USA. His work focuses primarily on product design, but also installation, photography, and public and private commissions. Aiming to combine functionality and art.Diego’s aim is to to explore the boundaries and crossovers between design, art and craft, and has given him with an international perspective on the industry.As a conceptual counterpoint to his production pieces, Diego also has an interest in critical design, looking at how designers can communicate ideas through objects.

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